Metabolic Syndrome


Metabolic syndrome is a term that describes obesity, type II diabetes, fibrosis, cardiovascular and other diseases. This research program intersects with our various projects in antiinflammatory therapies and inflammation research.

Originally we were interested in how our various novel targets signal in inflammatory disease, and we developed novel drug leads to investigate these signaling events. As we progressed through effects on and in different cell types, we became interested in adipocytes, pancreatic islets, hepatocytes, different immune cell types, and then epithelial cells in general in disrupted homeostasis.

We found that a number of our most potent and receptor selective compounds (developed for human macrophages, human enzymes or other human proteins associated with inflammatory diseases) also acted on their protein targets which are present in the endocrine system and epithelial tissues. Obesity, type II diabetes, fibrosis and many cardiovascular diseases are now thought to be inflammatory diseases.

Our studies have been aimed at unravelling mechanisms (at the protein, enzyme and cellular level) by which immunological and endocrinology systems intersect, and generating proof of concept by examining our new drug classes in animal models of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.



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