Anti-Inflammatory Research


We target many proteins involved in inflammatory pathways; including secreted proteins from cells, GPCRs at the cell surface, signaling proteins in the cytoplasm, and enzymes in blood, in the cytoplasm, and in the cell nucleus. We are especially interested in selective regulation of intracellular signaling pathways and biased ligands for GPCRs. Some examples are:

1) Proteins involved in complement activation

2) Proteases and their targets in inflammatory events

3) Lipases and phospholipases

4) Histone deacetylases (especially class II HDACs)

5) GPCRs (including PAR2, C5aR, C5L2, C3aR, ORL-1, GLP-!R)

  6) Targeting T cells, mast cells, neutrophils, macrophages




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