The Fairlie Laboratories are equipped with, or have access to (within the IMB), a variety of state-of-the-art equipment both for synthesis and characterisation of small-molecules and peptides and for their evaluation in a range of biological systems.

1) NMR Spectroscopy. Adjacent to the synthesis laboratories on level 7 is an NMR facility, housing two 600 MHz Bruker NMR spectrometers with inverse probes (one 1H-13C, one 1H-X), one of which also has an LC-NMR probe and attached HPLC system available for use. These machines are typically booked a week or more in advance, whereas the Varian 400 MHz instrument is used as a walk-up machine for quick turnaround spectra and also has an autosampler for queuing samples overnight or during weekends. The 400 MHz spectrometer is equipped with a software-switchable quad-nucleus (1H, 13C, 19F, 31P) probe.
We also use a 900 MHz instrument on level 2 where there are 2 more NMR (500, 600 MHz) spectrometers which primarily serve the structural biology groups at IMB.

2x 600 MHz Bruker NMRs; Annika Yau using a 400 MHz Varian NMR; 900 MHz Bruker spectrometer.

2) Mass Spectrometry. The IMB houses a suite of Mass Spectometers. Our chemists typically use LCT and API2000 machines. Others are:

Ciphergen SELDI-TOF
API 2000 ESI-QqQ triple quadrupole

ZMD single quadrupole
Bruker MicroTOF for high-resolution MS

Dr Gloria Ruiz-Gomez measuring mass spectra on Micromass LCT and Bruker MicroTOF mass spectrometers

4700 MALDI TOF-TOF and nano HPLC ESI QqTOF, Quadrupole Time of Flight QSTAR Elite Mass Spectrometers


nano/micro HPLC ESI QqQ (LIT), Quadrupole LInear Ion Trap, 4000 QTRAP and analytical HPLC ESI QqQ, Triple Quadrupole, API2000 Mass Spectrometers




3) HPLC equipment. Waters Analytical, semi-preparative and preparative (Deltaprep) systems, Agilent Analytical, automated semiprep, and LC-MS systems.

4) Freezer driers and Biotage and CEM Microwave reactors.

Freeze Driers and Biotage Microwave reactor with 8-position autosampler; CEM Discover monomode Microwave synthesis reactor

5) Parallel synthesiser and purification system (ideal for focused library production)

Flash purification Blowndown Flash purification

Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station and VacMaster-10 & 20 Sample Processing Manifolds

Radleys Greenhouse Blowdown Evaporator

Biotage Isolera Four - the high performance FLASH purification system

6) Circular Dichroism, Ultraviolet, and Infrared Spectrometers

Jasco CD spectrometer

Jasco Infrared spectrometer

Varian Cary UV spectrophotometer

L-R: CD, IR and UV instruments

7) Molecular modelling facilities. We use a dedicated molecular modelling room which houses Linux and SGI workstations. Software in use includes the Sybyl suite of programs from Tripos, InsightII, modeller, Pymol, CNS, Xplor-NIH, the openeyes suite (inc. Omega2, ROCS, EON, FRED), Gold, Dock and Autodock for docking requirements. Additional shared access workstations (Mac, Linux, Windows) throughout the office area can access this software remotely or in some cases native MacOSX and Windows versions are available. Larger parallel modelling jobs such as large scale docking of our 50 million compound databases, molecular dynamics, and conformer generation/searching are usually sent to the shared IMB cluster infrastructure. There is also located in the IMB in shared modelling and bioinformatics space on level 6 West.

Dr Andrew Lucke and Dr Praveen Madala at computer modelling machines, middle pictures are the server and 40 cpu cluster facility.

8) Cell Biology

BMG Fluostar Optima

Flow cytometry: BD FACSCantoII flow cytometer (with 8 colours) and
FACSCalibur system

Confocal microscopes: 2 Zeiss LSM-510 META inverted microscope (1 with
blue laser diode system, 1 is 2-photon capable)

Fluorescence microscopes: 3 Olympus BX-51 and 1 Olympus BX-60

FRET study: Olympus AX-70 for FLIM and FRET

Real time imaging: Olympus IX-81 OBS real time

BD Pathway Bioimagers

Perkin Elmer EnVision Multilabel plate reader

Real time PCR: 2 ABI Prism 7000, 2 ABI 7500 and 1 ABI 7900.

Tissue culture facilities

In house microarray support facility

L, C - Zeiss LSM-510 META inverted microscope (1 with blue laser diode system, 1 is 2-photon capable), R - BD FACSCantoII flow cytometer (with 8 colours).