The Fairlie Group is engaged in both chemistry and biology on Level 7 South of the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, including special-purpose equipment rooms that house chemistry fume cupboards, NMR spectrometers, cell culture facilities, a battery of HPLCs, cold room and chemical stores, a reaction room with hydrogenation, photochemistry, microwave and combinatorial chemistry equipment as well as freeze driers, and a general-purpose room containing the walk-up LCT mass spectrometer, CD, UV, IR, luminescence and fluorescence spectrometers. There is a histology facility down the corridor and we have animal studies being conducted in three different animal houses around the University.

Immediately outside the wet lab areas are open plan office areas with an adjacent tea room, and a custom fitted molecular modelling laboratory. There is additional shared computer modelling and bioinformatics equipment in IMB on level 6 West.

Dr Bob Reid, Dr Ligong Liu, and PhD student Ms Sheila Barbero involved in chemical synthesis.


PhD student Ms Rosemary Harrison culturing cells, Research Assistant Mr Adam Cotterell doing molecular pharmacology, Dr Rink-Jan Lohman collecting blood from a jugular vein cannula, and Rink-Jan and Adam dressed in scrubs in the animal house


Dr Jade Blakeney and PhD student Ms Ranee Singh using the Polarstar fluorimeter; Hons student Mr Anthony Reed in the HPLC facility; PhD student Mr Praveer Gupta using the Analytical HPLC, Dr Bob Reid searching for chemicals.

Dr Andrew Lucke and Dr Praveen Madala conducting computer modelling and drug design

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