Neurodegenerative Research


We are using our novel compounds discovered from antiinflammatory and amyloid research programs to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and regulate important physiological processes that become aberrant in neurodegenerative diseases.

1) Beta Amyloid Peptides and Proteins (Harrison et. al 2007)
2) Protease Inhibitors In The Brain
3) GPCR Regulation In The Brain

Figure: (Left): Amyloid peptide. i-iii : Typical electron micrographs of amyloid fibrils showing their linear, unbranched and flexible nature (i) and repeating twists of fibrils at regular intervals (ii & iii). (Far Right): A GPCR known as PAR2 (green) and one of its activating proteases, trypsin (red), coexpressed in neurons of the cerebral cortex of the rat (immuohistochemical photomicrograph).



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