Enzyme Regulation


We use computer-assisted methods to design small organic compounds that can bind to enzymes in substrate-binding grooves (competitive inhibitors) or at more remote sites (non-competitive inhibitors) thereby preventing or down-regulating enzyme activity in vitro and in animal models of disease. We are experts in developing inhibitors of enzymes, including proteases, histone deacetylases, phospholipases, complement enzymes, viral and inflammatory enzymes. Some examples are inhibitors of :

1) NS2B-NS3 proteases from Flaviviruses such as Dengue and West Nile Viruses.

2) Aspartyl proteases (e.g. HIV protease, Schistosomal Cathepsin D, Plasmepsins).

3) Complement serine proteases such as C2, C3 convertase, Factor B.

4) Cysteine proteases (e.g. Caspase 1 (ICE), Caspases 3, 8, Cathepsins B,K and S).

5) Histone deacetylases (e.g. HDAC1, 4, 5, 6, 7).

6) Phosphlipases A2 (e.g. pla2g2a, pla2g5).

Figure. Inhibitors of Proteases: (Left) : Antiviral protease inhibitor (Ki 9 nM) of the heterodimeric NS2B-NS3 protease from West Nile Virus docked (GOLD) into the active site of the protease (Stoermer et. al, 2008) . (Right) Non-covalent Inhibitor of Caspase-1 that blocks formation of interleukin 1 beta.



General Enzyme Inhibitors

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Aspartic Protease Inhibitors

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Serine Protease Inhibitors

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Cysteine Protease Inhibitors

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Phospholipase A2 Inhibitors

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Kinase Inhibitors

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Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors

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Other Enzyme Inhibitors

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