Our research on diseases involves basic, strategic and applied research in biochemistry and pharmacology directed at: (1) understanding how the immune system resolves infection (by parasites, viruses, bacteria) and tissue injury; (2) how prolonged inflammatory responses can cause debilitating chronic inflammatory diseases, including onset of cancersmetabolic diseases (obesity, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases), chronic inflammatory pain, and neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's disease); and (3) how our novel compounds can act on human proteins, human and rodent cells and tissues, and rat or mouse models of human diseases. See links for our publications in all of these disease areas and allied chemical, biochemical and pharmacological research. Our interests include molecular pharmacology (studies of novel ligand interactions with cellular receptors, modulation of intracellular signalling pathways using experimental new drugs discovered in our labs, mechanisms of physiological responses and disease induction/progression) and experimental pharmacology (studies of drug-induced effects in rodent models of human diseases, interrogating molecular mechanisms in vivo, examining human tissues from the clinic). Our goal is to discover new drugs, mechanisms of drug action and understanding disease development and how to treat it.


Recent Publications (Pharmacology)


Histone deacetylase 7: a signalling hub controlling development, inflammation, metabolism and disease. Wang Y, Abrol R, Mak JYW, Das Gupta K, Ramnath D, Karunakaran D, Fairlie DP, Sweet MJ. FEBS J 2023290 2805-2832.

Effect of a protease-activated receptor-2 antagonist (GB88) on inflammation-related loss of alveolar bone in periodontal disease. Francis N, Sanaei R, Ayodele BA, O'Brien-Simpson NM, Fairlie DP, Wijeyewickrema LC, Pike RN, Mackie EJ, Pagel CN. J Periodontal Res 2023, 58, 544-552.

Venom composition and bioactive RF-amide peptide toxins of the saddleback caterpillar, Acharia stimulea (Lepidoptera: Limacodidae). Goudarzi MH, Eagles DA, Lim J, Biggs KA, Kotze AC, Ruffell AP, Fairlie DP, King GF, Walker AA. Biochem Pharmacol 2023213, 115598. 

Wollamide cyclic hexapeptides synergize with established and new tuberculosis antibiotics in targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Rollo RF, Mori G, Hill TA, Hillemann D, Niemann S, Homolka S, Fairlie DP, Blumenthal A. Microbiol Spectr 202311, e0046523.



Landscaping macrocyclic peptides: stapling hDM2-binding peptides for helicity, protein affinity, proteolytic stability and cell uptake. de Araujo AD, Lim J, Wu KC, Hoang HN, Nguyen HT, Fairlie DP. RSC Chem Biol 20223, 895-904. 

Tuning Electrostatic and Hydrophobic Surfaces of Aromatic Rings to Enhance Membrane Association and Cell Uptake of Peptides. de Araujo AD, Hoang HN, Lim J, Mak JYW, Fairlie DP. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 202261, e202203995.

Modifying a Hydroxyl Patch in Glucagon-like Peptide 1 Produces Biased Agonists with Unique Signaling Profiles. Wang P, Hill TA, Mitchell J, Fitzsimmons RL, Xu W, Loh Z, Suen JY, Lim J, Iyer A, Fairlie DP. J Med Chem 202265, 11759-11775.

Inhibition of the master regulator of Listeria monocytogenes virulence enables bacterial clearance from spacious replication vacuoles in infected macrophages. Tran TT, Mathmann CD, Gatica-Andrades M, Rollo RF, Oelker M, Ljungberg JK, Nguyen TTK, Zamoshnikova A, Kummari LK, Wyer OJK, Irvine KM, Melo-Bolívar J, Gross A, Brown D, Mak JYW, Fairlie DP, Hansford KA, Cooper MA, Giri R, Schreiber V, Joseph SR, Simpson F, Barnett TC, Johansson J, Dankers W, Harris J, Wells TJ, Kapetanovic R, Sweet MJ, Latomanski EA, Newton HJ, Guérillot RJR, Hachani A, Stinear TP, Ong SY, Chandran Y, Hartland EL, Kobe B, Stow JL, Sauer-Eriksson AE, Begun J, Kling JC, Blumenthal A. PLoS Pathog 2022, 18, e1010166. 

Temporal perturbation of histone deacetylase activity reveals a requirement for HDAC1-3 in mesendoderm cell differentiation. Sinniah E, Wu Z, Shen S, Naval-Sanchez M, Chen X, Lim J, Helfer A, Iyer A, Tng J, Lucke AJ, Reid RC, Redd MA, Nefzger CM, Fairlie DP, Palpant NJ. Cell Rep 2022, 39, 110818. 



PAR2 induces ovarian cancer cell motility by merging three signalling pathways to transactivate EGFR. Jiang Y, Lim J, Wu KC, Xu W, Suen JY, Fairlie DP. Br J Pharmacol 2021178, 913-932.

A nucleotide analog prevents colitis associated cancer via Β-catenin independently of inflammation and autophagy.Sheng YH, Giri R, Davies J, Schreiber V, Alabbas S, Movva R, He Y, Wu A, Hooper J, McWhinney B, Oancea I, Kijanka G, Hasnain S, Lucke AJ, Fairlie DP, McGuckin MA, Florin TH, Begun J. Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol 2021,11, 33-53. 

Histone deacetylase inhibitor AR-42 and achiral analogues kill malaria parasites in vitro and in mice.Chua MJ, Tng J, Hesping E, Fisher GM, Goodman CD, Skinner-Adams T, Do D, Lucke AJ, Reid RC, Fairlie DP, Andrews KT. Int J Parasiol Drugs Drug Resist 2021, 17, 118-127.

Activation of protease‐activated receptor 2 is associated with blood pressure regulation and proteinuria reduction in metabolic syndromeMaruyama‐Fumoto K, McGuire JJ, Fairlie DP, Shinozuka K, Kagota S. Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol 202148, 211-220.

PAR2 activation on human kidney tubular epithelial cells induces tissue factor synthesis that enhances blood clotting.Iyer A, Humphries TLR, Owens EP, Zhao K, Masci P, Johnson DW, Nikolic-Paterson D, Gobe G, Fairlie DP, Vesey DA. Frontiers in PhysiologyRenal and Epithelial Physiology 202112, 615428. 



Systemic delivery of peptides by the oral route: Formulation and medicinal chemistry approaches.Brayden DJ, Hill TA, Fairlie DP, Maher S, Mrsny RJ. Adv Drug Deliv Rev 2020, 157, 2-36. 

Protease-activated receptor-2 ligands reveal orthosteric and allosteric mechanisms of receptor inhibition.Kennedy AJ, Sundström L, Geschwindner S, Poon EKY, Jiang Y, Chen R, Cooke R, Johnstone S, Madin A, Lim J, Liu Q, Lohman RJ, Nordqvist A, Fridén-Saxin M, Yang W, Brown DG, Fairlie DP, Dekker N. Commun Biol 20203(1), 782.

Potent thiophene antagonists of human complement C3a receptor with anti-inflammatory activity.Rowley JA, Reid RC, Poon EKY, Wu KC, Lim J, Lohman RJ, Hamidon JK, Yau MK, Halili MA, Durek T, Iyer A, Fairlie DP. J Med Chem 2020, 63, 529-541.

Class IIa histone deacetylases drive toll-like receptor-inducible glycolysis and macrophage inflammatory responses via pyruvate kinase M2.Das Gupta K, Shakespear MR, Curson JEB, Murthy AMV, Iyer A, Hodson MP, Ramnath D, Tillu VA, von Pein JB, Reid RC,..... Fairlie DP, Sweet MJ. Cell Rep 2020, 30, 2712-2728.

High cell permeability does not predict oral bioavailability for analogues of cyclic heptapeptide sanguinamide A.Nielsen DS, Lohman RJ, Hoang HN, Fairlie DP, Hill TA. Aust J Chem 2020, 73, 344-451.

Artificially induced MAIT cells inhibit M. bovis BCG but not M. tuberculosis during in vivo pulmonary infection.Yu H, Yang A, Derrick S, Mak JYW, Liu L, Fairlie DP, Cowley S. Sci Rep 2020, 10, 13579.

HDAC 1 and 2 inhibition suppresses cytokine production and osteoclast bone resorption in vitro.Algate K, Haynes D, Fitzsimmons T, Romeo O, Wagner F, Holson E, Reid R, Fairlie DP, Bartold P, Cantley M. J Cell Biochem 2020, 121, 244-258.



Inhibitors of class I histone deacetylases attenuate thioacetamide-induced liver fibrosis in mice by suppressing hepatic type 2 inflammation. Loh Z, Fitzsimmons RL, Reid RC, Ramnath D, Clouston A, Gupta PK, Irvine KM, Powell EE, Schroder K, Stow JL, Sweet MJ, Fairlie DP, Iyer A. Br J Pharmacol 2019, 176, 3775-3790. 

Mirror image pairs of cyclic hexapeptides have different oral bioavailabilities and metabolic stabilities. Lohman RJ, Nielsen DS, Kok WM, Hoang HN, Hill TA, Fairlie DP. Chem Commun (Camb) 2019, 55, 13362-13365. 

Pharmacological inhibition of protease-activated receptor-2 reduces crescent formation in rat nephrotoxic serum nephritis. Han Y, Tian L, Ma F, Tesch G, Vesey DA, Gobe GC, Lohman RJ, Morais C, Suen JY, Fairlie DP, Nikolic-Paterson DJ. Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol 2019, 46, 456-464.

Protease-activated receptor 2 does not contribute to renal inflammation or fibrosis in the obstructed kidney. Ma FY, Han Y, Ozols E, Chew P, Vesey DA, Gobe GC, Morais C, Lohman RJ, Suen JY, Johnson DW, Fairlie DP, Nikolic-Paterson DJ. Nephrology (Carlton) 2019, 24, 983-991.

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IL-23 costimulates antigen-specific MAIT cell activation and enables vaccination against bacterial infection. Wang H, Kjer-Nielsen L, Shi M, D'Souza C, Pediongco TJ, Cao H, Kostenko L, Lim XY, Eckle SBG, Meehan BS, Zhu T, Wang B, Zhao Z, Mak JYW, Fairlie DP, Teng MWL, Rossjohn J, Yu D, de St Groth BF, Lovrecz G, Lu L, McCluskey J, Strugnell RA, Corbett AJ, Chen Z. Science Immunol 2019, 4(41), eaaw0402.

MAIT cells upregulate α4β7 in response to acute simian immunodeficiency virus/simian HIV infection but are resistant to peripheral depletion in pigtail macaques. Juno JA, Wragg KM, Amarasena T, Meehan BS, Mak JYW, Liu L, Fairlie DP, McCluskey J, Eckle SBG, Kent SJ. J Immunol 2019, 202, 2105-2120.


A potent antagonist of protease-activated receptor 2 that inhibits multiple signaling functions in human cancer cells. Jiang Y, Yau MK, Lim J, Wu KC, Xu W, Suen JY, Fairlie DP. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 2018, 364, 246-257.

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Enumeration, functional responses and cytotoxic capacity of MAIT cells in newly diagnosed and relapsed multiple myeloma. Gherardin NA, Loh L, Admojo L, Davenport AJ, Richardson K, Rogers A, Darcy PK, Jenkins MR, Prince HM, Harrison SJ, Quach H, Fairlie DP, Kedzierska K, McCluskey J, Uldrich AP, Neeson PJ, Ritchie DS, Godfrey DI. Sci Rep 20188, 4159.

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