Xun Li


First name: Xun

Surname: Li

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I obtained my B.Sc. degree in chemistry from Nanjing Normal University, China. I have completed all basic subjects on chemistry including inorganic and organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and physical chemistry. My B.Sc. research project was about the preparation of mesoporous silica as a delivery system for anticancer drug. Currently I am a Master student major in Biotechnology program at UQ, studying more on biotech, molecule biology, genetics and biologics. My lab experience included summer research program in Professor Mary Fletcher’s lab to study the absorbents to control a toxin (simplexin) in animals. I was trained to use HPLC, MS as well as plant extraction.  In last semester of 2018, I worked in Professor Neena Mitter’s lab on using mesoporous silica nanoparticles as a nanocarrier to deliver the Bm86 antigen in anti-tick fever vaccine. I learned more on western blot, cell culture, confocal macrophage microscopy, in vivo image etc.

Research interest:

I am currently doing a 8-unit research project in the Fairlie group to synthesise potential T cell modulators. I am interested in understanding the structural and functional mechanism of the MAIT cell modulator in biological system.

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