Junxian (James) Lim

Title: Mr

First name: Junxian (James)

Surname: Lim

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After completing my Diploma in Medical Technology from Singapore Polytechnic in 2004, I decided to pursue my Science degree in University of Queensland. I started as an Honours student in the group working on enzymology, focusing on inhibition of the complement pathways. I gained numerous techniques and ascertain that my interest lies in research during my Honours. This interest was further spurred by the expertises offered by the senior researchers and the fun-loving people in the group. I am currently doing my PhD on Protease-activated receptor 2 (PAR2), particularly interested in elucidating intracellular signalling and ligand-directed signalling.

The group is renowned for integrating two major areas of science: chemistry and biology into one aspect in areas such as medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, immunology and cell biology.

In the near future, I hope to complete my PhD and contribute useful insights in the field of intracellular receptor signalling.

Research Interest:
-Intracellular signalling on PAR2
-Functional selectivity of ligand-directed binding
-Complement proteases
-Secretory phophoslipase A2

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