Huy Hoang

Title: Dr

First name: Huy

Surname: Hoang

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My Honours and PhD projects (at SMMS, UQ) involved synthesis, purification, characterization & NMR-based determination of three-dimensional structures of novel metallopeptides. After award of my PhD, I moved to IMB and took my post-doctorate fellowship with Professor Fairlie. Since then, I have been working with world-class experts in chemistry and biology, and “playing” with state of the art equipments/instruments such as 900, 750, 600, 500, 400 MHz NMR; Circular Dichroism (CD), Fluorescence spectrometers (FP assay), Computer Modelling and 3D structure calculations from multi-dimensional NMR data.

My research interests:
* Mechanisms of folding/unfolding of peptides/proteins and in studying factors that influence folding, such as solvent interactions, hydrogen bonds, non-covalent interactions between side chains, charge interactions, and interactions with metal ions
* Application NMR (1D and 2D), CD techniques, FP assay and Computer modelling toward structure elucidation of peptides, peptidomimetics, ligand-receptor interactions and metallopeptides.

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