Yuanzhao (Nick) Cao

Title: Mr

First name: Yuanzhao (Nick)

Surname: Cao

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I obtained my Bachelor Degree majoring in Bioengineering (2011) at China Pharmaceutical University (Nanjing, China). In the year of 2011-2014, I was studying neurobiology and got my Master degree at Peking University (Beijing, China). After that, I worked as a research manager at DAAN Gene Co., Ltd. Of Sun Yat-sen University for 8 months. As showing a great interest in CNS-related diseases and therapeutic targets, early in 2016, I was lucky to be a PhD student in cell biology at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (UQ, Brisbane, Australia) with the supervision of Prof. David Fairlie and Dr. Abishek Iyer. My previous works focused on neuroprotection, neural development and signal pathways in cancer research.


Research interest:

Currently, I am pursuing my PhD degree in Prof. David Fairlie’s group at The University of Queensland. I am interested in exploring the relationship between

neuroinflammation and neurodegenerative disorders (mainly in AD). I am going to use novel compounds from our chemists, discovered from antiinflammatory and amyloid research programs, to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and regulate important physiological processes that become aberrant in neurodegenerative diseases.



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