Hugo (Lilong) Dong


First name: Hugo (Lilong)

Surname: Dong

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I completed my Bachelor degree in pharmaceutical science in School of Pharmacy of Hebei Medical University before I came in Australia to pursue a Masters Degree of Biotechnology at the University of Queensland in 2013. 

I undertook several research intern positions in an analytical chemistry lab in Hebei, learning to master basic analytic chemistry techniques and apparatus, general research methodology; and another one in the laboratory of industrial fermentation microbiology in Tianjin University of Science and Technology.  Through those internships, I was honoured to be included in three publications. To finish my masters thesis, I worked fulltime on a pharmacology project, investigating feasibility of using low dose spironolactone based drug to ameliorate hypertrophy via a rat model.

Here in the Fairlie group, I have undertaken a half-year research project on discovery of small molecule RAD51 inhibitor, where I assisted creating a small library of compounds, leading to further investigation of related SAR data and possibly, discovery of leads for future development. Currently, I am setting up iCa2+ mobilization assay HTS to analyse several peptide-based drugs. 

The Fairlie group is a great research team, not only because we are highly multidisciplinary, working well at the interface of chemistry and biology, with good aid of computer simulation, and well armed with great research facilities and resources, but also because we consists of great group members, from whom I can always get immense interdisciplinary support, and from whom I can always be greatly motivated and learn to be a good researcher. 


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